On Tuesday, September 1st, Mercy For Animals broke its most recent undercover investigation - exposing chicks being thrown, dropped, hung, mutilated without painkillers, and ground-up alive at the world's largest egg industry hatchery. Take a look at what goes on in typical egg farms all across the world. Over a million people have logged onto YouTube to view the heart-wrenching hidden camera footage - making it Wednesday's #2 most "viral" video on the entire Internet:

Following the release of the undercover footage to the Associated Press, and three news conferences in Iowa, the shocking video depicting male chicks being torn apart in a massive grinder has made headlines around the world. From Cleveland to China, Austin to Australia, consumers around the globe have been given an eye-opening look into the cruel and violent truth behind the modern egg industry.

Citing the troubling findings of this investigation, Mercy For Animals is calling on the nation's 50 largest grocery chains to require that all eggs sold in their stores bear a label reading, "Warning: Male chicks are ground-up alive by the egg industry."

DB SAYS: Like the cows' milk industry, there are costs of producing eggs. Male chicks are useless and make no money for the chicken or egg industry. Female cows need to be impregnated to produce milk, and the male calves, being equally useless, are turned into veal. Anyone who thinks that no one gets hurt in the commercial producing of eggs and milk is gravely mistaken.

Television stories covering the investigation, such as the Associated Press, CBS, Fox, and local ABC stations are bringing the issue of factory farm cruelty into the living rooms of families across the country.

With over 500 news stories on MFA's investigation, one of the egg industry's best-kept secrets - that over 200 million "useless" male chicks are killed each year - is finally being brought into the public consciousness.

Comment boards, Twitter accounts, and blogs around the world have been filled with words of outrage from consumers about the abuse.

And in the last few days, MFA received hundreds of Vegetarian Starter Kit requests from compassionate consumers who wish to no longer support the cruelty perpetuated by the egg industry.

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