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Hampton Creek Foods is at the forefront of the food revolution. The ultimate symbol of rebirth, the egg, may soon be reborn itself - and for good reasons like simple economics of production to health hazards, to the ethical implications of breeding and raising egg-laying hens (consider this latest, shocking undercover investigation of a major egg facility in Canada.)

Because of their visionary approach, Hampton Creek Foods has won the interest and investment of some of the most powerful business minds in the world: Bill Gates and Peter Theil. In developing a superior, plant-based "Beyond Egg" - one that is indistinguishable, if not better in taste, texture, performance, economic value and environmental impact than a hen's egg, this company is proving that future of foods moves closer to the source: in the soil growing plants.

Their first two consumer products, Just Mayo and Eat the Dough are currently being rolled out into stores.


Take a moment to listen to founder Josh Tetric, mad scientist of sorts, give a brilliant TEDX talk: