• One of the most sought-after DJ's, Eli Escobar, is profiled over at Laika Magazine about his music, his veganism and what it was like working with some of the industry's biggest players. Check it out here.

Eli Escobar


• Designed and crafted in Italy starting from recycled materials, like truck inner tubes, vintage fabrics and car seat belt, Hell's Kitchen offers accessories that are durable, sleek and smart.

• On December 18th a law passed that will ban Mink farming in the Netherlands, the world's third-largest producer of mink fur. All mink farms must be phased out by 2024. The Dutch outlawed the breeding of foxes and chinchillas for their fur in 2008.

"It is truly inspiring that the majority of the Dutch senate has not allowed economics to prevail over ethics, recognising that it is unacceptable and cruel to keep animals in small, wire cages to be killed for their fur." - Joanna Swabe, HSI