• We have green souls, right? Rachel Comey is back with more Vegan Spillers. This time, the cap-toe oxfords are in a beige canvas upper with a green sole. $208 at Steve Alan

• Planet Green weighs in on, the horror!!! - living without your Blackberry. "I was like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, devoted to fondling My Precioussssss."


SUNDANCE FUR FESTIVAL : Heartless or Stupid? We know it's hard for celebs to express how rich they are, but you'd think the creators of the The Green would have an anti-fur policy at their festival. Sundance has become known for it's unhealthy association with fur-drenched celebs strutting around like idiots, literally. I mean you either have to not know how it's made, or not have a heart. Usually the ladies are taking heat for wearing fur, but check out these images of some less-than-men I'd like to sic Mac Danzig on: Ashton Kutcher, Wesley Snipes, Nick Cannon, and Nick Hogan, all from the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. Find out what you can to help end this archaic industry.

Wesley Snipes

Nick CannonNick Hogan

• Six Reasons for Dudes to Hit on Etsy

1. Shoot dirt dead with gun soap scented with black tea! Practice your best Dirty Harry while scrubbing your hairy-dirty areas. vegan glycerin soap base and scented with black tea. $8.50

Gun Soap-  Man Soap Set of 3

2. Yes, it's OK to embrace the murse. But call it a portfolio and you'll sound so much manlier. UNI-LAP portfolio case, vinyl $125

UNI-LAP / wheat with brown

3. Find great one-of-a-kind vintage like this Vintage Tan Faux-Suede Jacket $40

Vintage Vegan Unisex Suede Jacket

4. Don't Hurt the Bean Curd! Clever and/or offensive Organic cotton items like Tofu Never Screams and Small Hanging Wang Underwear! Also Skeletons and wings always make gentlemen happy.

Mens Organic Cotton Tshirt in Oatmeal feat. Ringen print in Deep Red Sz LARGEMens Organic Cotton Tshirt in Oatmeal feat. Aile Noir print in Brows Sz MEDIUMSmall Hanging WangTofu Never Screams Organic Mens T-Shirt

5. Find rebellious ties and bow-ties from Toybreaker. Silk-like microfiber and nontoxic water-based inks, $10- $40

Crash. Black bow tie, freestyle. Silkscreened shattered glass.James Dean screenprinted microfiber necktieCut Throat, skinny microfiber necktie, black or redBlack widow spider necktie. Choose skinny, narrow, or standard width.Gasmask silkscreened microfiber necktiePirate wedding tie package - 6 skull groomsmen microfiber neckties, wedding discount

6. Stinky Bomb Lip Balm! Place some explosive kisses on your lover: candelilla wax, coconut oil and sweet almond oil, 5$