The electronics industry can rival the holocaust when it comes to mining in Congo, where over 5 million people have died and hundreds of thousands of women are raped and mutilated, children are sent into mines, and civil war, militias, occupations, and illegal smuggling has wreaked havoc on people, animals, and ecosystems. It is considered the deadliest conflict since WWII, yet may people aren't even aware that the very computers and phones they use every day are part of this problem. So what should we all do? Well to start, we can support efforts for conflict-free electronics.

Enter Fairphone, "A seriously cool smartphone that puts social values first". Fairphone is a brilliant idea that I am SO excited about. I wish I could give them an award. But what's better than an award is our  support. In order to run their first production, they need 5,000 pre-orders. They've sold 3,850. So buy one and share this with your friends! It features: