Fashion's Night Out: Brave, Vaute, Cri

Sept 8th is Fashion's Night Out in New York City. MooShoes will be hosting an event  from 6 -10pm featuring Brave GentleMan, Vaute Couture, Cri De Coeur, and NOVACAS. There will be snacks from Blossom, prizes, and benefits! Get a chance to try on some Brave GentleMan Ties and Waiting for the Sun sunglasses, pre-order some shoes, and snap some photos.

Brave GentleMan Tartan Narrow Bow TieBrave GentleMan Striped TieW/SÜN Une NoirSaint AtheistSkeptic's LensSTUDY Pocket SquareDefenderWorker Black

MooShoes will be offering a 15% discount on all purchases made at Fashion Night's Out. Yup, that's right—15% off of everything purchased at the store for just one night.

Enter to win our raffle. Win a $50 MooShoes gift card or a Cri De Coeur Handbag. Money raised will go to benefit the fine work of Alice Dietz. She works tirelessly for Brooklyn's feral cats.


Cri De Coeur Bags