Fathers' Day: Presents For Your Pop

 • I don't mean to dad-stereotype (daddeotype?), but these manly camping socks from Pact would probably make your dad happy. They're sweatshop free, made with organic cotton blends, and will support the development of urban gardens in low-income communities. • Is your dad a fixer-upper who has been meaning to get that room painted? Check out Quiet Home paints. I love Vintage Tux, Brickwork, Fedora, Saddle, Shutter and Cusp:

Vintage TuxBrickworkFedoraSaddleShutterCusp

The paints are certified vegan and free of any animal products. Unlike most commercial paints, Quiet Home is non-toxic, contains no VOCs, odorless, water-based and solvent-free as well as free of turpentine, ethereal oils, glycols, coalescents, and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, or mercury, formaldehyde, vinyl chloride, APEOs, or Acrylic Softeners.

• Get the grooming on. Your dad will feel like a college stud again with these high-performance, expertly crafted and vegan, cruelty-free grooming products from Portland General Store like hair-thickening shampoo, whiskey aftershave, mud facebomb, and wood scented hand cream for those rough man-hands:

• Made to measure. Brave GentleMan suits are made in Italy with the best sustainable, vegan textiles. James Bond isn't the only one who can look great while fighting to save the world.

• Dad shoes. These Advocate tassel loafers are exactly what he would never expect to be fairly-made, vegan and sustainable.

• The Base Project's upcycled bracelet, hand-carved from discarded water pipe with designs inspired by the animals, landscape, and rich history of Namibia. The Base Project is a socially-motivated fashion brand building a bridge between artisans in the developing world and the US fashion market.


• Get padre a consultation with expert R.D. and Discerning Brute contributor, Matt Ruscigno's True Love Health. Whether your dad is already a healthy eater or even if he considers a garnish to be his vegetable for the day, Matt will help him develop an action plan to stay in prime health and extend the good years. • Carpenter Trade, professional baseball glove. In addition to superior performance, most people don’t realize that the single greatest cause of greenhouse gas emissions is from raising livestock for food and leather. Avoiding leather is one of the most powerful things to do for the environment. So have a custom made, professional-grade glove made with your dad’s name on it (make sure to request no wool in the padding).

• Lawn Order with Greenworks tools. From mowers, blowers, and log-splitters, to hedge-trimmers and cultivators, these greener lawn tools don’t use fossil fuels and make self-sufficiency easy and green!

• Chocolate. Fudge. Cookies. If your old pop is a kid at heart who loves his treats, at least give him the good stuff! We love Allison's Gourmet sophisticated and indulgent sweets. Father's Day Gift Set