FFDS offers €10,000 Fashion Scholarship

http://www.honestby.com/images/photolib/6849_hsl.jpg The Future Fashion Design Scholarship, launched by Bruno Pieters of Honest by this year, has announced a €10,000 award to "an exceptional student who wants to develop his or her MA collection in a sustainable and transparent way". Students from all over the world are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. In addition to the financial prize, the winner will receive guidance and mentoring from Honest by's creative director Bruno Pieters.

The winner of the FFDS will work in a 100% transparent manner, use sustainable materials where possible and create new and innovative alternatives for animal based materials (such as fur, feathers, leather...).

Applications are being accepted June 5 - August 25th 2014, and the winner will be announced in September 2014.

'The FFDS is a dream that I've had ever since I launched Honest by 2 years ago and now we finally made time for it. At Honest by we believe that the story behind the design needs to be as beautiful as the design itself.  We are convinced that is crucial today to show appreciation and support those students who share this philosophy. The FFDS wants to reward young independent minds who want to work in a progressive and responsible way. There are many student prizes today that encourage students to continue working in the existing fashion mould. True change can happen if we encourage students today to adopt a new and progressive fashion behaviour. That is what we want to do with the FFDS.' -BRUNO PIETERS