In a recent article in the Telegraph, UFC fighter and potential world-champion Jake Shileds said, "...people told me over and over ‘you had better start eating meat if you want to be an athlete’. Maybe I’m proving them  all wrong.” Saturday April 30th, the lean and green Jake Shields will take on Tornonto's Georges St-Pierre for an opportunity to become the world's first vegetarian to hold the world UFC title belt. The fact that Shields has made it this far, and that he is unbeaten in more than six years with a 15-0 record in that time makes me proud! Back in 2008 I interviewed Shields, check it out to see how far he's come! The only question is, who's having the fight-night party?

Jake Shields lets out a long laugh when asked if he can strike a blow by becoming the first vegetarian to hold a UFC world title belt (at least we both think he would be the first). Shields, up close and personal, is a engaging character, modest and self-contained. He will need all those qualities, and more, when he steps in against Georges St-Pierre, a Canadian sporting superstar, here in Toronto at the Rogers Center, with the largest crowd ever seen at a UFC event. The arena will house 55,000 fans on the night. - The Telegraph

Here is a list of networks and websites on which to watch the fight. Here is a list of sports bars across the country screening the fight (maybe they'll serve vegan buffalo wings in honor of Jake?)