Don't act like you've never been in the vegetable aisle and said to your self, that gourd looks really... long.  In honor of World Vegan Day, Peta UK erected this spicy video that gives a wink to the sexual health benefits of going vegan by showcasing men enthusiastically and proudly showing off some healthy protrusions from their trousers. When you go vegan, there are no dancing skills not required.

A recent study concluded that eating lots of celery is like “Vegetable Viagra“. It contains androstenone, a natural steroid that increases pheromone secretion, sex drive, and ups the amount of ejaculatory fluids, making climax stronger. Of course, this is not news to you guys who already know that diets heavy in meat and dairy have been linked to poor sperm quality, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction*. Contrary to popular belief, the male hormone testosterone that determines sexual development and interest has been found to be 13 % higher in vegans than in meat-eaters.

What do you think? Funny and poignant? Or offensive and silly? Weigh in below.

* From Eat Yourself Impotent by Dr. McDougall
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