1. Conference of Birds I attended the COB runway show for the Spring 2009 collection and was thrilled to see some organics! Andrew Holden's 'excellent bad-boys' looked as if they were just back to London from a desert excavation or an Egyptian urban-safari. This collection featured gorgeous canvas jackets, Hebrew-inspired scarves, lots of layers, an organic hooded trench coat, vests, and a bright but soft color palate of yellow, bone, black, gray and pale blue. DB contributer Jodi worked on this collection. Most of the spring collection was vegan, but there was some wool and leather, unfortunately.

2. Blog of a Vegan Pirate

SuperVegan has been publishing the blog of Tod Emko who documented his time serving on the Sea Shepherd pirate ship, The Steve Irwin, and their mission to stop illegal Japanese whaling from February and March of 2008. In light of the 2008 IWC Meeting finishing with the usual deadlock, and Sea Shepherd officially announcing its 2008-2009 anti-whaling campaign, Operation Musashi, it seemed a good time to show people what's going on in the world of whaling.



3. 'Top Model' Judge Protects Seals!

America's Next Top Model judge and renowned photographer Nigel Barker opens A Sealed Fate? tonight in New York. If you are in NYC, go check out an exhibition about the world's largest slaughter of marine animals. Tyra, no doubt, would approve—even if she didn't think of it first. July 25-27 at 401 Projects, 401 West St., New York, (212) 633-6202, humanesociety.org/protectseals

4. Victoria's (Dirty Forest Destroying) Secret cleaned up!

Victoria's Secret LISTEN to CEO Todd Katzenmeyer as he talks about how the Forest Ethics campaign changed the company's catalog practices. Also pay attention to the insanity of Corporate monsters like VS and the insanity they foster.

5. An Olympic-Sized Fur Trade

A Shocking Look Inside Chinese Fur Farms

China is one of the world's largest suppliers of fur garments. More than 95 percent of China's finished fur garments are exported for sale overseas, and many of them go to North America. Cat and dog fur is often deliberately mislabeled as "Asian jackal" or "rabbit" fur. This summer, with the world's eyes focused on China during the Olympics, PETA is exposing the horrors that take place on Chinese fur farms. This is a historic opportunity to speak out against the global fur trade and influence consumers worldwide.

Sign the Pledge to fo Fur-Free

6. Ontario has made the largest conservation commitment in Canadian history, setting aside at least half the Northern Boreal region – 225,000 square kilometres – for permanent protection from development.

7. CBS News Joins FOX in revealing the true role of mainstream media: Lies.


8. Click to feed shelter dogs (for free!)


9. VINYL from Olympia

Product Image

10. Graphic Tease

Some fresh Organic Prints from Edun & Loomstate: