1. Uncaged! Check out the animation for Prop 2! Vote YES! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqPJsfjjyZU]

Ellen Degeneres & Portia de Rossi speak on the animals behalf:


2. Online stores like Saks, and Nordstrom have 'eco' and 'green' shopping sections for men! If you don't see it on your favorite website, just search: ' organic ' in the mens' section.

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3. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary only has four weekends left for visiting! If you haven't been to see them, you must go! Hang out with the animals, take a tour of the farm, and meet the awesome, headline-making staff!

Little Lamb!

Here are upcoming events at the farm:





• Oct 5th: “Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals” Reading & Signing with Author Karen Dawn (official site)

Thanking The Monkey"...With wisdom and insight... A bridge between worlds for both the committed and the curious..." - Gloria Steinem

First, take a sanctuary tour 11:00-3:30. ($5 suggested donation). Then 3:30 - 5pm: Reading with Karen and special guests -- then vegan snacks and wine. The reading is free but we hope you will buy a book as all book sale proceeds will go the sanctuary!

• October 11: Institute for Humane Education's MOGO Workshop at the farm.

You don’t need a spandex outfit and cape to help save the world,  instead hone your activist skills at this one-day intensive workshop focusing on environmental, human and animal issues, run by the prestigious Institute for Humane Education. SPACE IS LIMITED - BOOK NOW - >>click for details<<


4. Fall Scarves

These are some wool-free, organic cotton scarves to keep your neck all cozy!

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Also check out the organic Hemp Scarves, and these organic scarves :

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5. Veganic Farming

Although organic farmers avoid pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified crops, many still use animal manures and slaughterhouse byproducts like bone, blood and fish meal. Find out more!


6. Walk For the Animals

There is still time to Walk For The Animals for Farm Sanctuary! See the calendar for dates and locations!