kit.jpg 1. Vegan Marshmallow Kits have landed (in your mailbox)! Our friend Amy, at the VegCookingBlog tells of a New Zealand company that sells vegan marshmallow kits. Use them to make sticky cubes, crispy treats, smores, or meringue topping! Just in time for summertime campfire-roasting! If you are not a fan of DIY Marshmallowing, Sweet & Sarah offers a selection of dangerously deliciousvegan rice crispie treats, smores and vegan marshmallows fluffy treats.

You all know what's in conventional marshmallows, right? If not, prepare yourself for a major gross-out. The gelatin you eat in Marshmallows, Jell-O, and other "treats" comes from cow and pig bones, hooves, and connective tissues.

2. Gridthrifter Gridskipper offers up a thrifting guide for any city you choose! Here is New York's Top 7 vintage voyages. My addition to the list is Houndstooth, who has amazing vintage menswear. The 1930s undies in my Time Out New York Spread are from the stylish Michael Kimmins & Maria Chavez. Know of a good menswear thrifting spot? Drop me a note and your review!

Screaming MimiBuffalo Exchange

Beacon's Closet

3. Honeybee Aftershave Aftershave for Men by Honeybee Gardens With a select blend of herbs, essential oils and cooling aloe vera, this cruelty-free aftershave is a fantastic way to soothe newly shaven skin and relieve irritation. Available HERE.





4. Simple Slip-On Simple has designed a shoe using recycled bicycle tires & car tires, as well as hemp, organic cotton, recycled PET, 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and no animal products. Available at:

Alternative Outfitters - One-stop vegan boutique selling stylish leather alternatives and cruelty-free products.

5. Mystery Meat Macrophotography

Mike Adams is a photographer who has taken a series of photos of common processed meats at ever increasing magnifications. If you weren't grossed out by mystery-meat before, bring a barf bag on this photo tour:

6. For Whom Eight Bells Toll In the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, Eight Belles ran for her life and was fiercely whipped as she came down the final stretch, when she was no doubt already in a great deal of pain. Like 2006 Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, she was destroyed because of her racing injuries, caused by the greed that motivates this dirty "sport."Eight Belles was yet another victim of the cruel horse racing industry, where animals suffer and die for the sake of sport and entertainment. Like many other horses, she was literally "raced to death". What you can do to help.

7.Mission Playground

Mission Playground is an AFFORDABLE organic clothing company with the mission to create awareness through environmentally conscious and globally mindful designs. They use organic, recycled, and eco fibers and vocally oppose sweatshops. Their aesthetic is western-urban - not my favorite, but some dudes will dig it!

8. Fresh Direct Just Got Veggier! Whether you're lazy or so busy you can't cook a decent meal (and Instead of corner-store comestibles), FreshDirect, a leading online gourmet food purveyors and delivery service, announced last week the launch of their very first line of vegetarian & vegan 4-Minute Meals.

FreshDirect's EatingWell menu includes:
-- Hoppin' John with Vegetarian Chorizo (Vegan) -- $7.99
-- Indian-Spiced Lentil & Quinoa Ragout with Roasted Vegetables (Vegan) -- $7.99
-- Balsamic-Roasted Seitan with Beets, Basil & Farro Pilaf (Vegan) -- $7.99
-- White Beans, Pearl Pasta & Artichokes with Roasted Tomatoes & Rapini (Vegan) -- $7.99

9. Smell Ya' Later The range of mens scents at The Body Shop are totally vegan, and totally affordable!

Kistna Eau de Toilette White Musk for Men Eau de Toilette Of A Man Eau de ToiletteMade With Passion Farm Sanctuary's Gene Baur in Park Slope, Friday, May 16th I recently had the pleasure of brunching at Bliss with Gene Baur. Thanks to SUPERVEGAN, Folks who missed Farm Sanctuary's inspiring founder and Discerning Brute, Gene Baur during his first NYC book tour stop can catch up with him on the eve of the Farm Sanctuary 2008 Gala, Friday, May 16th, at Community Bookstore of Park Slope. Baur will read from and sign copies of bestselling and acclaimed book, Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food.

Friday, May 16th. 7:30pm. Free. Community Bookstore, 143 Seventh Avenue (between Carroll and Garfield), Brooklyn!