1. Military punk.This summer, go for above-the-knee cargo shorts and tucked in, rolled up button-downs like this look from Edun's Spring/Summer 2008 menswear collection. Choose a monochromatic color theme, and accessorize with a wallet-chain, your best-beat up shoes, and a dissenting attitude! This look is easy to put together at any thrift store, military surplus store - of if you're feeling like dropping a paycheck, directly from an Edun retailer.

Edun Summer 08

3. The Loudermilk Man is a conscientious bad-ass. Stay tuned in the following week for my exclusive interview with the Duchess of Eco-Lux herself, Linda Loudermilk.Where to buy.

Linda Loudermilk MenswearLinda Loudermilk Menswear

3. 500 NYC Cats to be killled this Tuesday. Trap-Neuter-Return Attend the Rally to Save JFK cats. Tuesday, June 3rd, 11:15am- 1pm (Rain or Shine) at Port Authority headquarters, 225 Park Avenue South, between 18th and 19th Streets, Manhattan.

According to Super Vegan:

The hundreds of feral cats living at JFK airport are facing death once again. Today, AMNY reports the Port Authority plans to capture the cats and turn them in to animal shelters. The organization continues to refuse assistance from The Humane Society of the United States and other animal protection groups offering—at no cost—a humane and effective solution towards feral cat management through a Trap-Neuter-Return program. The Port Authority seems unsympathetic to the fact that placement in a city shelter is a near death sentence for the wild critters, most of whom aren't tame enough to be adopted into homes.

Click HERE to find out how else to help, and how to contact NYC officials who can stop this!

4. Tea Boxes from recycled pallets in Calcutta.

Typically in Clacutta, boat loads of pallets arrive and are simply discarded every single day. An enterprising young box-maker salvages old and discarded shipping pallets, strips them down, and creates these unique hand made boxes. Each box contains 2 ounces of tea. For the full story, click HERE. From the'carbon free' company, The SImple Leaf:

The Simple Leaf Logo


5. Vegan Cowboy Ankle Boots.

They "Wayne" and "Ankle Harness Gusset" from Alternative Soles is an awesome, affordable vegan ankle boot for men. The sleek sole, stitching details and choice of two colors makes these boots kick ass. Wear 'em with fitted chinos or skinny jeans - steer clear of wearing these with wider/baggier pants and shorts. Only £25.00 !

Men's Wayne Cowboy Boot - BlackMen's Ankle Harness Gusset Cowboy Boots - Tan

6. Artisana Nut Butters are OBSESSION worthy. I can't stop eating the entire jar of the whipped cashew butter - and at a party the other night I was dunking chocolate cookies into the coconut butter. Healthy fats, raw, vegan, and tons of nutrients and protein - what's not to like?

Artisana Raw Cashew Butter


7. My other new obsession is Bikram Yoga. If you ever craved a workout that leaves you feeling as light and clear as air - bikram yoga, otherwise known as 'Hot Yoga' might be right for you. The first class tests your limits, no doubt. But as it gets easier, the benefits come through.http://i.a.cnn.net/si/2006/players/08/07/core0814/t1_core.jpg