Sorry for the late Fresh Friday Finds! I was in Ann Arbor for work, and I left the blog-o-matic at home. 1. PETA offers 1MIL for test-tube-meat.

Making news this week was PETAs prize for techno-meat! There are many very convincing arguments for and against in-vitro flesh consumption. The main pro-lab-flesh defense is obviously the breeding, grazing, confinement and slaughtering of animals won't be necessary, which could potentially revolutionize our relationship with the environment . Just think - no more rainforest grazing - we can stop feeding all the grains we grow to cattle - and probably the best part, the end to the incredible amounts of suffering that go on in livestock production.

The main argument against it is the plethora of dangers posed by franken-foods - from making living flesh with no immune system, to toxicity, the possibilities could fill a sci-fi horror novel. Plus, do we really want to encourage flesh-eating when humans are healthiest as herbivores? One thing is for sure, PETA sure knows how to make headlines.

2. Mexican National Sentenced for Smuggling Protected Sea Turtles

Carlos Leal Barragan, of Ciudad Guzman, Mexico, was sentenced today in U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado to serve 16 months in prison and three years supervised release in connection with his sale and smuggling of internationally protected sea turtle skins and sea turtle products from Mexico to the United States, the Justice Department announced. Read the Article.

3. Mangles

Why do girls get to have all the bracelets? Man Bangles are rad! Discerning Brute's friend, Jessi Taylor, makes these buckle-clasp, hammer stamped, extra thick, silver MANGLES.