1. Ethletic Blackout High-tops. Retro ‘blackout’ high-top sneaker made with 100% cotton canvas upper and tough rubber sole. Sole is produced and stamped with all natural and sustainable latex. A Fair Trade premium is paid to both the rubber producers in Sri Lanka and to the shoe stitchers in Pakistan. Certified by the Fair Labeling Organization and the Forest Stewardship Council. 100% Vegan. $56 Esthletic Black Hi-top

2. Nutella, eat your heart out. RAWtella does it betta' with 100% raw, vegan, organic ingredients. Who knew that indulgent dude-food could be so chocolaty and... chocolaty? $11.95

RAWtellaEmpowered Foods

3. "Postman" Organic Hemp Bag by SATIVA. Hemp and cotton, finished with metal buckles and plastic zips. Made in Hong Kong, China in an audited factory ensuring no child or prison labour. Only $79.95

Hemp Bag

DB's Etiquette Recommendation: Using leather is unnecessary - alternatives are abundant. SATIVA does use leather in some of their products. Click HERE to find out why not to support the leather industry.