Geometric Genius, Intelligent Life & The Quiet Death of Free Speech

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.Huffington Post contributor, Mikko Alanne - a screenwriter, producer, and documentary filmmaker - outlines a shocking case of swift and secretive silencing of free speech. In regards to the  and says "Real history, as they say, is made at night."

Last week's decision by the United States Supreme Court, affirming the rights of the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church to spew hatred at military funerals, was greeted as a victory for free speech by nearly everyone across the political spectrum.

That celebration turned out to be short-lived and wholly premature.

On March 7, 2011, the same justices decided to let a far more important free speech case die a quiet, unseen death by refusing to hear it. You wouldn't know this from the news -- members of the major media were too busy with Charlie Sheen, one supposes. Indeed, the only reporter to cover the event was courageous independent journalist Will Potter.

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