• I was totally thrilled when I came across this retro GQ cover from November of 1970. "Should animals become fur coats?" it asks, showcasing a man bottle-feeding a baby leopard while wearing a leopard coat with one sleeve missing. Where's he gonna get the other sleeve? I wonder if they could have predicted what would happen over the next 40 years in fashion? Wish I could see the article. Anyone want to buy me an Ebay gift or a large deluxe framed cover-print from CondeNast for only $500? OK, fine... 20 greeting cards with the image on the cover for $39.95.

Zoo Creatures Of Curiosity Hardcover Book - Drawings by Karl Addison - Writing By Jennifer WeitmanZoo Creatures Of Curiosity Hardcover Book - Drawings by Karl Addison - Writing By Jennifer Weitman

• When Karl Addison told me about his book, ZOO¡ Creatures of Curiosity, I was enthralled - I've always been fascinated by creatures of our own imaginations. Who wouldn't love "a collection of aesthetically strange and unusual animals accompanied by preposterous tales of origin...whose goal is to inspire thought provoking conversations about the outrageous treatment of animals-both past and present. Without serious intervention into the destruction of wildlife habitats and continued experimentation on animals-wild and domestic-is a two-headed ostrich or a one-eyed Grizzly bear really that far off?" Get it on Etsy!

http://www.retireronald.org/css/img/logo.png• Ronald is old and mean and he needs to join Joe Camel, the Marlboro Man, and Spuds McKenzie in the retirement home for marketing characters designed to entice children to hurt themselves. The organization, Corporate Accountability International launched Value the Meal, a campaign, which is described below:

"Value the Meal is a campaign led by Corporate Accountability International dedicated to reversing the global epidemic of diet-related disease. Launched in 2009, the campaign challenges McDonald’s and the fast food industry to curb the range of its practices that are contributing to the epidemic. The campaign’s advisory committee consists of leading experts on food and nutrition, marketing to children, and sustainable food systems."