Distinct, industrial, strong, and detailed; On April 1st, 2010, GUNAS made its debut. We'll be covering a lot more from this emerging vegan accessories line, but I wanted to share a glimpse of some of their men's bags. GUNAS Bags and Products

We now know that from start to finish, the amount of energy required to create a leather hide is 20 times greater than what’s used to produce a synthetic material. Even Bill Bartholomew, a representative for The Leather Group admitted at the World Shoes Accessories ecoEthics Conference in February that “eco-friendly” vegetable tanning is just as polluting as chrome tanning. That's where companies like GUANS step in, making luxury vegan bags using PU/PVC-free materials such as ultra-suede, organic cotton, canvas, nylon, velvet, linen, cork, and a synthetic eco-lining and water-based glues. All bags are manufactured in Manhattan under fair conditions. Part of every purchase is donated to Earth Matters Foundation, India.

Stay tuned for more about this line very soon.

(Thanks to Olsen Haus for the leather research)