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Hat Decor, Running, Waffles & Smorgasburg

veganJoshua Katcher

• Decorating your fedora, featherless is easy. And chances are, you can do it for free. Snatch up a fallen leaf, a flower with a conehead like a cattail flower or lavender, wheat or a grass seedhead. My hat, which is a vintage straw hat from the 40's is featuring a grass seedhead and a dried cattail flower. Feathers are often plucked or gathered unethically. Historically, the millinery trade drove many bird species to to critical levels or extinction. It resulted in the founding of the Audubon Society.  I'll be covering this topic more in depth in an upcoming post, so stay tuned.

Brooks has introduced the first-ever biodegradable running shoe midsole: BioMoGo. What's better, all of Brooks running shoes are suitable for vegans and made fairly in factories that are inspected by regular, unannounced third party inspections and audits. Traditional Ethylene Vinyl Acetate™ (EVA) midsoles can last up to 1,000 years in a landfill. BioMoGo’s microbial munch rate is 50 times faster, biodegrading nutrients into reusable byproducts. Over the course of, say, 20 to 25 years or so, Brooks alone can save 29.9 million pounds of landfill waste

Pine Box Rock Shop, the vegan bar in Bushwick, hosts waffles brunches on Sundays! This past Sunday they also featuredthe Vegan Shop-Up, an awesome pop up shop . I got the blueberry waffle and ate it with a scoop of raw cinnamon ice cream from The Raw Ice Cream Company! Yum. If you're in NYC any weekend, definitely go grab a waffle.


Smorgasburg is a gigantic food market on the waterfront in Williamsburg. To my delight, there were a ton of vegan options, from ROB & ANNA’S whipped-banana soft-serve to doughnuts from Electric Blue Baking Company, maple cotton candy, and vegan lip balm from Sprout A Revolution to artisan pasta from Flour City, eco-soaps, and beer brewing kits. All summer long, they are adding new vendors every weekend. One more reason to love Brooklyn.