IMG_1993 I was in Spokane, Washington over the Christmas break - a distant hop from my comfort zone in New York City, and was treated to a snow-globe of a setting including rolling hills, lots of the fluffy white stuff, and great food. First thing's first when you get to a new city: figuring out where to get groceries. There's a great place called Huckelberry's that had everything from Dandies vegan marshmallows and Soy Whip (for the hot cocoa) to Field Roast Celebration Roast with stuffing! I brought along the Vegg to test out on some French toast and piled squash, pearl onions, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and broth into two big casserole dishes surrounding our roasts for Xmas dinner. Looking out the window and seeing wild turkey, deer, and quail all running around was beautiful.

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When we headed into town, I was told about a fantastic vegan bakery and lounge called Boots. Designed in an historic building, the place was an open, inviting take on vintage Americana.Their creamy lentil soup was hearty, hot and delicious, and I gobbled up a plate of kale salad, roasted veggies and tofu scramble.  I couldn't resist trying the boozy brownies, which featured a cinnamony, bourbon reduction sauce) and their famous carrot cake.