1. Wearing: Summer Wallets from DB Clay


Fair-Trade, organic Low-tops from Ethletic

Beach Shorts from Gilded Age

2. Listening to Ratatat and Bon Iver (thanks to Karl of Partybots)

3. Eating

Holy Moley! The Cheezey- Spinach Artichoke Dip, Chef's Salad, Vegan Quiche and Pumpkin Chai Latte at Teany are so amazing it made me want to eat the dish-ware. They also have around 100 teas to choose from.

Josh and Melissa at Teany!

4. Reading "An Unnatural Order: A Manifesto for Change", by Jim Mason (thanks to Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary)

A Manifesto for Change Cover

"An eloquent, important plea for a total rethinking of our relationship to the animal world. Mason analyzes the West's 'dominionist' worldview, which exalts humans as overlords and owners of other life.... His powerfully argued manifesto will change many readers' attitudes toward hamburgers, animal experimentation, hunting, and circuses." -Publishers Weekly

5. Going to:

Check out these events in the next couple of weeks!