HoodLamb's Warm P-Coat With Hemp-Fur

http://hempworks.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341dcae753ef01543401ce41970c-pi As the weather gets chilly, you might be looking for a stylish, wind-proof and water-resistant coat that has a warm fuzzy lining... made from hemp.

The sophisticated Long P Coat is HoodLambs latest additional to its line of durable hemp Winter Jackets. Inspired by the traditional Peacoat, it features a stylish collar, a double-breasted front and custom crest buttons. It is lined with a thinner Satifur lining than the Classic HoodLamb, making it a great Fall jacket.  This jackets is made from durable hemp and organic cotton and lined with warm cruelty-free hemp-fur. Treated with eco-friendly waterproof coating made from hemp / organic cellulose (a great alternative to the chemical treatments most other jackets undergo) and are completely water and wind proof.

Below is the classic HoodLamb Jacket and hat, with a thicker hemp-fur lining.


There is even a Sea Shepherd version of the jacket (below), with $55 going directly to the Sea Shepherd with each purchase, and rad Sea Shepherd details:

HDL x Sea Shepherd Long P-Coat