Psychology Today's Mark D. White, Ph.D. took on Ryan Pacifico's pending discrimination case - one that is extremely interesting to men who care about animals:

Ryan Pacifico was a successful currency trader for one of the largest retail banking concerns in the world. But his success was short-lived after his boss found out Ryan was a vegetarian, and after suffering from constant harassment, he was suddenly dismissed. Was he fired because he is a vegetarian, and can he sue?

...the Supreme Court allows employees to sue for gender-stereotyping, and Pacifico's story makes a strong case that he was mocked by his boss for not living up to his standards of what a "real man" ought to be—namely, a meat-eater.

Pacifico is not alone in his experience of harassment by meat-eating men against veg men. Nearly all vegetarian and vegan men experience gender discrimination by their peers, family, and co-workers in the form of anti-gay rhetoric, regardless of whether or not they are gay.

...[Pacifico] is straight, but his boss, Robert Catalanello, constantly denigrated his vegetarianism with anti-gay slurs (imagine the worst). He even mocked Pacifico's athleticism, making fun of his participation in triathlons because of the tight sportwear, using anti-gay slurs to demean him further. There is no evidence Catalanello thought Pacifico was gay, but he characterizes his vegetarianism as "unmanly," much as he regarded homosexual orientation and behavior.

Arizona State University law professor, Zachary A. Kramer wrote a new paper entitled "Of Meat and Manhood" where Pacifico's case is discussed as adding new meaning to gender discrimination:

"In the case of the male vegetarian, what may look like vegetarian or sexual orientation discrimination is really sex discrimination in the form of gender stereotyping."

This is something has been taking on for years, in articles like EAT LIKE A MAN, ‘Carnivore’ Pride, Men Like Sports, Men Like Sports II, and others. It is refreshing to see this issue being taken seriously in the legal sphere. Mainstream male identity as it is loosely defined now, is a roadblock to sustainability and compassionate social evolution. From EAT LIKE A MAN:

So many men are afraid of being seen as compassionate. Because, on a deep level, it’s logic and objectivism that are truly put at risk by emotion – and thus, control itself. At least, this is what is conventionally perceived. Emotions are a far cry from being logical – they can’t be measured or mapped. There is no emotional stock market or well-being index; how would one measure compassion, love, hatred or indifference? As for our food, animals can not be seen by most men as sentient beings – they are units of production; being such they able to be controlled and manipulated, stripped of identity, wholly consumed.