veganJoshua Katcher

J'adore Paris Végétalien

veganJoshua Katcher

It's my last day in Paris and I am reflecting, in admiration, upon all of the amazing vegan food and culture here. To anyone who thinks it would be difficult to be vegan in Paris, I say nonsense. There were more restaurants than I had time to visit, some of the best tasting vegan cheeses and felafel, amazing chocolat noir, and any cafe or restaurant I stumbled across understood and offered at least a few vegan options.

• I stopped in to have a meal at the bustling SOYA: Cantine Bio restaurant in the 11th district. The restaurant was vegetarian, with mostly vegan options. I enjoyed some of the best vins naturels et issus de la Bio-dynamie I've had, a table-red that almost fizzed it was so rich with minerals, yet there was no bitterness or bite. The waitstaff was delightful and accommodating with my terrible attempts at speaking French. I enjoyed an incredible starter that was a pair savory, creamy spreads: beet and leek and then two bowls featuring seasoned quinoa with fried tofu, and a hot potage de legueme. For dessert, a green tea mousse!

• Another great spot was Voy Alimento, a super-foods charged, Brazilian-inspired restaurant and market tucked into rue des Vinaigriers. A spicy, cocoa tea and a rich acai smoothie started us off, along with a sampler or dried fruits, raw cacao, and various corn crackers. Then a big plate of superfood-seasoned vegetables, rice, stewed pumpkin, spreads, and tofu, along with some delicate pumpernickel flat-bread. For desert there was a simple fruit kebab with aloe and a rich chocolate mousse with coconut.

•  The Marais is famous for art, fashion, Jewish culture, gay culture, cafes, bookstores and bars. The line around the block to get felafel at Chez Marianne was a good indication of how popular they are. And the felafel avec humus with peppers, eggplant and pickles? Delicious.

• Unexpectedly, while wandering the narrow streets among art galleries, I stumbled upon Guen Mai on Rue de l'Abbaye, and enjoyed a savory vegan scramble tart and a sweet apple and almond tart along with an organic beer and a big, fresh carrot juice.