I'd like to put anyone who thinks vegans and vegetarians are wimps in a ring with Jake Shields. Almost 3 million people watched on as Shields, a life-long vegetarian and animals rights advocate, claimed victory over a two-time Olympian and former two-division Pride Fighting Championships titleholder Dan Henderson. Shields retained his Strikeforce World Middleweight title, and is now considered a top contender for a title shot with UFC, largely due to his 14-fight winning streak, and this career-defining fight in Nashville last night. Jake continually dispels the myth that you can't be a strong and athletic on a vegetarian diet. He has never eaten meat in his entire life! Shields has spoken out on factory farming, dog fighting, fur, and about being a life-long vegetarian:  Knock Out Animal Fighting,  Prop 2,  Vegetarian and Strikeforce Champion Jake Shields

For more, check out the interview I did with Jake last year: Lean & Green: Jake Shields.

Special thanks to Pierre for the tip!