I attended the Spring 2013 John Bartlett runway show at New York Fashion week and considered running back-stage to steal a linen suit for myself.  As Bartlett describes, this collection is inspired by "the plant-based man" which reflects his own commitment to animals, veganism and sustainability. The entire collection is free of animal products typically used in menswear like leather, wool or silk, but seems to lack nothing. The tailored suits, rope belts, pleated pants, matching shirts and ties (a John Bartlett staple) and a soft palette of watermelon, avocado, and other flora all added up for a powerful collection perfect for sophisticated, cool and cognizant men. Linen (otherwise known as flax) is the perfect spring and summer fabric because it's light, it breathes, and you can wear a full suit without sweating to death. What's even better is that linen is incredibly sustainable and, when compared to fibers like wool or cotton, it takes far less resources to grow and process.

I await this collection hitting stores as eagerly as I await seeing what he has planned for the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. Images: GQ.com