The Kimchi-Mayo I recently made was so simple and good that I wondered if there were other yummy  vegan mayo-concoctions I could create. What happens when you combine a Kalamata olive tapenade with Vegeniase? You get a striking, purple condiment that tastes rich and complex, with a soft edge. Put it on a sandwich, make a macaroni or potato salad, or just dip some pommes frites in it!  Simply combine equal parts Vegenaise and tapenade.

The sandwich above is simply toast with Kalamata Mayo, field-roast sausage, sauteed garlic and spinach, and a touch of Daiya cheese.

Have any ideas for more combinations? Would ketchup-mayo be creepy? Think hummus-mayo would be a hit? Red-pepper-mayo would be righteous? Could caper-mayo be cool, or even gravy or cheezy mayo?