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Georges Laraque holds up a plate of food that includes an Om burger, available at his vegan restaruant, Crudessence, in Montreal.

• Georges Laraque's days of checking people on the ice are over as of last year, but he's been busy getting people to check themselves before they wreck themselves with his vegan restaurants in Canada - Crudessence, with four locations in Montreal. Political office may also be in his future as Canada's Green Party chose him to be their new deputy leader for showcasing such passion and eloquence concerning ethical and environmental issues. A recent article in Canada's National Post says:Postmedia News Files

On the surface, the causes and activities Mr. Laraque, 34, has embraced seem worlds away from his life as a professional athlete. But the way he sees it, they are in keeping with the defiant approach to life he has taken since he was a child. “If you tell me I’m not going to make it, I’m going to make it,” he said in an interview at his restaurant, Crudessence. It is an approach shaped by his experience of racism at a young age.

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