Kering, Parsons & Sustainability in Fashion

parsons_kering I had the opportunity to attend this fantastic talk at Parsons The New School on April 2, 2015 covering the issue of sustainability in fashion. As an adjunct at Parsons and someone who researches the history, effects and impacts of animals used in the fashion industrial complex, it was an exciting opportunity to ask Francois Pinault, CEO of Kering, about a certain sacred cow of fashion: cows and sheep. We've know for about a decade now, thanks to the United Nations FAO that the livestock industries are the single greatest cause of the worst environmental problems, and products like leather and wool are not simply byproducts - they are co-products that represent significant and vital profits for livestock operations that would likely go under without them. Therefore, leather and wool are not just making use of some excess that would be thrown away (which is a popular belief). So how did Mr. Pinault respond to my question? You can watch the entire talk here (or jump to 40:30 to see my question).