These baby-blue 'Spillers' by Rachael Comey are great for sock-less spring days walking your rescued mutt to the park. Also check Simple's organic cotton and recycled car-tire 'Tuba Sneaker' for the next bamboo skateboarding session. Rachel Comey Spiller Vegan Oxford Shoes

simpleshoe Spring 09 Engineered Garments collection is almost entirely made of cotton, and now designer David Suzuki is beginning to feature Organic Cotton Madras Plaid, like the suits below, and this spring scarf (available at Barney's). It takes a special kind of man to pull this off, but we think you can do it.


Paul Smith has also offered up his share of organic cotton button-downs and blazers. Known for quirky patters and unexpected pops of color - Paul's liberated prep would look smashing in the houndstooth organic blazer and the pink, slim 'woody creek' shirt. You'll find small cuffs and collars on Paul Smith shirts, something to look for in avoiding that dated, sleazy 70's look.

Paul Smith Men's Houndstooth Organic Cotton Blazer $

Paul Smith Shirt - Striped Shirt Paul Smith Men's Bengal Stripe Organic Cotton Sport Shirt

Not to be left out, BOSS has been exploring some organics with this 'Cadu' blazer and 'Zeppo' jacket. We were wondering what that weird sustainability claim on the website was for - so far, these two are the only explanation I can find.  Someone should send them that toxic leather tanning memo...

BOSS Black Men's "Cadu" Organic Cotton Blazer BOSS Black Men's "Zeppo" Organic Cotton Jacket