Kyotofu is a small Japanese restaurant tucked away in Hell's Kitchen. Their house-made tofu puts all other tofu's to shame; it is creamy, luscious, and delectable on its own - which is saying a lot for someone (me) who doesn't love tofu. The chefs transform the tofu into vanilla-chocolate swirl soft-serve (topped with green-tea mochi, brownie, caramel and fruit) that is to die for. The restaurant is not vegan, but there are several incredible vegan options. The sorbet dessert was delicious, and the the dessert that gets the cake is - the vegan chocolate cake.  It is dense and slightly crisp on the outside; moist and rich on the inside, and the cocoa they use is so smooth. I will definitely be heading back for more, I'm addicted!

• Prior to the dessert binge - Leanne of Vaute Couture and I went to see vegan choreographer James Koroni of perform in a benefit show for Autism. I snapped some pictures of his piece "Arrest Yourself" which was dark, edgy and really fun.

• The following evening I attended the launch of John Bartlett's collection for Bon Ton, which included some really handsome, vegan faux-leather jackets. Look out for these next fall.

• Lastly, I walked into the Tesla store to see for myself what all the excitement is surrounding this super-charged, electric sports-car. I have to say, even though I am more into the classic car aesthetic, I was in awe of how cool this car is, and I was even invited back for a test drive. I hope to report to you on that - and maybe shoot a video of it like my speed-queen pal Annabella at Ethical Bella. In addition being the baddest electric car on the road, Tesla offers microfiber interiors for vegetarians.