Lost in Los Angeles

The last time I was in Los Angeles, I was hanging out with Leanne of Vaute and we had such a blast! We had some delicious indulgences at the LA Vegan Crepe including a dark chocolate crepe and a chocolate croissant. That's healthy... right? IMG_2843 IMG_2848IMG_2851

We attended the Genesis Awards, celebrating animal advocacy in the media, where this amazing vegan, flourless chocolate cake with mousse was served, and where I got to hang with animal-loving stars like Michael Vartan and Fiona Gubelmann and do a real stare-down with MMA champ and vegan athlete James Lightning Wilks.

IMG_2798IMG_2827 IMG_2811IMG_2839


We set up a pop-up shop with the help of Amy Rebecca of Fur Free LA  at Mohawk Bend where I got to show off some of the new Novacas x Brave GentleMan shoes, our awesome Beard & Body Brick soap and I had their buffalo cauliflower. Yum!


IMG_2856IMG_2858 IMG_2860

One thing we did not want to miss was a meal at Crossroads Kitchen: Chef Tal Ronen's new restaurant. This place has a fantastic, Italian inspired menu and chic atmosphere. Vegan cheese tortellini, lasagna and artichoke "oysters" with vegan caviar? Yes please.

IMG_2772IMG_2775 IMG_2777IMG_2774

Three more food experiences were the Native Foods' Classic Deli Reuben which featured thinly-sliced, deli-style Native Reuben seitan marble rye with homemade sauerkraut, and a horseradish-cheese,  Dairy Tree's Blue Cheese, which could be the best vegan cheese I've had to date, and Veggie Grill for the best burgers out there.


What's even better is that this New Yorker got a head-start on rocking some warm weather threads. Shorts and short sleeves!


Leanne and I stopped by the set of Bones to see the amazing actress, vegan, and our pal Emily Deschanel (and she let us raid the craft services table which had some decadent red-velvet vegan ice-cream!). I was obsessed with the special effects and the cabinets of bones.


Last, Leanne and I were so honored to be asked to model for the vGirls vGuys project by Melissa Schwartz. Vegans are healthy!

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