Lu Flux is a London designer who specializes in creating unique pieces of ethical clothing that seem to emerge from fairy tales. By working with salvaged, vintage and organic fabrics, combined with traditional techniques of knitting, pleating and patchwork, the contemporary menswear and womenswear collections represent an antithesis to the modern trend of expendable fashion. The aim is to make something new out of something old, so as to consume less and reduce waste.

I spoke with Lu recently, and explained the environmental toll that livestock like sheep (wool), and cows (leather) take - even if it's "organic", as well as the ethical implications in general of wool and leather. I was told that there is never fur, and that Lorica (a vegan "leather") is sometimes used. There are a few pieces in wool or leather, but Lu said, "I am thinking about using vegan Lorica for the shoes in my new collection - [and] you have put my mind in overtime with your sheep thoughts too." I'm excited to see what sustainable, vegan creations Lu Flux will pull out of the magic hat next!