Vegtoons & Alchemy Creamery

Below is a teaser clip from the forthcoming Vegtoons animated series. Vegtoons is being designed and animated by Cartoon Saloon, whose brilliant film, The Secret of Kells, was nominated for Best Animated Feature in the 2010 Academy Awards®.The clips is an excerpt from the first episode "Bean There, Done That." If you love the idea of this cartoon, consider contributing to their Kickstarter campaign:


Alchemy Creamery is NYC's new, vegan ice cream cart. I first ran into them parked outside of Champs on a hot Sunday afternoon and had the pleasure of tasting their coconut-based Dark Chocolate Chai, Strawberry and Piña Colada. But their flavors are not always traditional: Roasted Red Pepper, Chamomile Citrus, Plantain Fosters and Basil Cucumber are a few of their more adventurous options.  And they have Magic Wands: vegan cake balls, wrapped in ice-cream, on a stick!


Our Magic Wands