M Cafe, Los Angeles

Cinnamon buns plus green juice may seem like a contradiction, but at M Cafe in Los Angeles, getting rowdy is perfectly fine. The vegan pastries alone are enough reason to visit - from a flaky phyllo banana-chocolate layer cake to the dense and fresh strawberry shortcake, you wouldn't even know they were macro-vegan.

They have an extensive brunch menu, as well as sandwiches, salads,  dinner, juice and snacks.

M Cafe arose out of a 390-year legacy of restaurants owned by the Tsunoda family in Japan. In the eighties, they came over to LA and partnered with Chef Tachibe to begin what would become a series of successful restaurants and cafes.

Taking traditional macrobiotic philosophy and fusing it with French culinary techniques, the restaurant does not serve any dairy, but they do serve fish, so be careful while ordering. Of course we hope they eventually take fish off the menu (they'll have no choice in 25 years when the fish stocks are gone) but until then, it's mostly vegan.