One of my sculptures was recently featured in VegNews magazine. My sculptures are glazed and oxidized ceramic pieces that are typically about two-feet tall. I have had two exhibitions, including my first solo-exhibition in New York City last year at Figureworks Gallery in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn.

I currently have 15 pieces that are all available from my private collection and two that are in the Figureworks collection. In addition, I do commissioned, custom, decorative and functional work. Please contact me if you are interested in investing in some art!

Many of my sculptures are about our relationship with animals and the wild. Often, I put the animals upright, atop a phallic structure (a symbol of power in our culture) giving them clout in a very western sense - a privilege rarely granted to animals in actuality. Many historians and philosophers believe that civilization can be attributed to patriarchy. In the pieces like “Woody” and "Flesh" (below), the phallic appearance of the figures can be connected to this idea. I believe that the expressions on the faces of the figures ride a fine line between ecstasy and death, celebrating the luxuries associated with the domination of nature, and slowly dying as a result of its consequences.

In other sculptures, I explore the personal turmoil of our destructive relationship to nature and the desire to dominate, control, and subdue nature. Because many people see the human race and civilization itself as something that is countering and destroying what is wild, many of us find ourselves in an awkward position. We need the natural environment to survive, and at the same time – we foster activities that destroy our very source of life, and in essence, ourselves. It is, in effect, a death urge.