Madeline Bistro blew my mind! The Beet Tartar over a soft, smoky "cheese" had me moaning, the Truffled Mac & "Cheese " with Smoked Mushrooms (that taste better than bacon) made me stand up and sit back down, and the Bigger Maque tasted so similar and so much better than it's namesake that my skeptical apprehension of "how good can a veggie burger really be?" was swallowed, along with the stack of organic lettuce, "cheese", pickles, and onions on a three-part artisan bun. But it wasn't over. A Chocolate Souffle and special cream-filled Ding Dong finished off the experience that was nothing short of religious. Chef David Anderson and Molly Anderson are geniuses, and if you have not eaten at Madeline's and you live near Los Angeles, then you must go. See their brunch menu, lunch menu, dinner menu, and wine and beverages.

Take a look at my dishes, and forgive the romantic dim lighting (and check Quarry Girl's amazing photos from her bright daytime Brunch!):