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Men's Fashion, Meat of Money & Model Boyfriend

veganJoshua Katcher

VegNews gave TDB a nice shout-out in their online feature on men's fashion this week.

Looking to suit up for spring? Check out this comprehensive guide to compassionate fashion and cruelty-free products for vegan men.... (read the full article).

Georgia Glynn Smith / Getty Images• Time Magazine today unleashed a controversial article, The Meatless (and Less Meat) Revolution in (of all places) the money section. Gulp. Just wait til you read the comments section and start your things-I've-responded-to-a-thousand-times engines.

This year, the average American will eat 165.5 lbs. of beef and poultry. That may sound like a lot, but it’s actually a 12% decline compared to 2007, when an annual intake of 189 lbs. of meat per person was standard.

• These Vegan dudes, Raw Vegan model and actor Marcus Patrick, WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, Winner of season 6 of The Ultimate Fighter and ethical vegan, Mac Danzig, Top IronMan athlete Brendan Brazier, are the examples used in an article over at The Vegan Woman on How to Convince Your Boyfriend to Go Vegan.
...a vegan diet means: more endurance, quicker recovery, less chance of impotency, less chance of heart disease and slightly more eating required to build muscle. Hardly unmanly.