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Model Man: George Paul

vegetarianJoshua Katcher

George-Paul-Jacopo George Paul was born in Poland and his German father moved their family to Germany when he was four years old. For George, this led to an important realization. "In Germany I got a new name with a new passport which never made me really identify as either German or Polish, but for me [it was] just the right circumstance to understand that we are all human." When he started modeling, the scope of his traveling  and experiences added to this foundation. This winter, you might see George and his friends handing out coats on the streets to the homeless or dining at a vegetarian restaurant. You might hear George speaking in one of the many languages he's mastered, or get a lesson from him in optimism or meditation. George will be featured in an upcoming Brave GentleMan editorial video, and we are always thrilled to work with professionals whose ethics are aligned with ours. George and I spoke about his experiences modeling:

Joshua Katcher: How long have you been modeling and how did you get started?

George Paul:  I've been working now as a model for more then 5 years. Back then in Duesseldorf I used to work in a bar called Monkey's Island, it was my first little step towards the wide world. This one day a woman looked at me with a smile the day after she came with a friend who was checking me out but then asking me if I would like to work as a model...I did not answer and he gave me his business card and left. I went to his office and they took my measurements. I realized that another door to the world just has opened. Two weeks later I was in Milano working as a Model.

JK: Do you find yourself floating between two worlds? Is the modeling world  compatible with someone who has ethical standards, compassion and a desire to do good in the world?

GP: I used to doubt myself and the job I'm doing in the past, but but now I know that compassion and doing good one can do anywhere in this world no matter where you are. I just need to be aware that I am responsible [for] the harmony in and around me. That's why meditation and sports are very helpful for me.

JK: Speaking of sports, male modeling often requires a toned physique. What do you do to stay fit and healthy?

GP: I always have been an active person, even hyper active you could say. Luckily I played sports all my life which keeps me present and makes me happy. I did decathlon for 10 years played soccer, basketball, tennis, and swimming. I love to skate around and surf as it keeps me connected to nature. I feel blessed having such an intense life that [keeps] my body active so now I don't have to do much anymore to maintain the physique that my job demands. Sometimes I do pullups on bars in the park or I'll do some pushups at home just to awaken my muscles. All I need is to keep thoughts, movement and consumption in balance...

I eat healthy mostly fresh from the market and organic if possible. No meat since 3 years. I stay fit and healthy with sports and I maintain my inner peace and happiness through meditation. I try to become aware of everything around me, and it is like this that I can see and help those in need. Wherever I am I can practice to become more conscious in light so that I can share it with the world around me. That is my mission everything what vibrates from there is written in the stars...

JK: What book are you reading, music do you have on repeat, and artist are you obsessed with at the moment? I used to play the piano for 10 years so I like to listen to a lot of different kinds of Music from Micheal Jackson to Bob Marley, from electro to rock to classical. But these days all I want is silence... nothing else uplifts my soul so much. As for books the ones that inspired me the most are... "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle "The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran "Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Parahamsa Yogananda and especially "Bhagavad Gita the Way It Is" by Swami Prabhupada. The book that I'm reading now is "Le Petit Prince" by Antoine de Saint­ Exupery.

JK: What must we try?

GP: Many things...  Looking all people in the eyes as it is very uplifting for both. The other thing that all humans need to try is sitting comfortable in a straight position, closing the eyes and listening to your own breath stretching it until thoughts no longer tells us what to do or what to think. It's called meditation, but that is also a thought.

JK: If you were a comic book hero, what would your powers be?

GP: Do you know Captain Planet? He is one of my heroes! But if I had any power I would use it to enlighten everyone I see or touch or even think of!

JK: Why do you care about animals?

GP: First of all I care about all life! I care about animals because they have been sacrificed to serve us humans since the beginning or our story on this planet. Everything on this planet serves somebody or something. Everything is part the whole energy therefore let's respect all creation of life and live in harmony with oneself and all life on earth.