• Monk shoes have been popping up (and buckling down) all over the place, and Bourgeois Boheme has them with brogue details in black and brown. Snazzy. Yes, snazzy. http://www.bboheme.com/images/graham_black_270x270.jpghttp://www.bboheme.com/images/graham_brown_270x270.jpg

• Earlier this month, the Vegetarian Food Festival took NYC by storm. In addition to scarfing down a Faux Gras sandwich and emceeing a doughnut-eating-contest, I took some photos of gentlemen with personal style who were on line (for 3 hours) or wandering around the area. Also threw in a picture of Chef Ayinde Howell cheering after serving up his famous mac-n-yease, and some fun costumes from Foodswings.

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• Although it's a bummer whenever a veg establishment closes it doors (as what happened to Williamsburg's Boneshakers), it's cool that they were able to consolidate with their other location, Champs, and now in addition to being a bakery, Champs offers an edited version of the Boneshakers menu including a yummy weekend brunch. I swung by on saturday and scarfed down a Tofu-Benedict on sourdough with vegan hollandaise sauce and a side of greens and mac-n-jeeze. I love my neighborhood!

• Dunwell Doughnuts, the Brooklyn start-up featured a really interesting article on food activism today:

We believe that a vegan doughnut could be a tremendous ambassador for vegan food.  Also because we stepped into this believing that we wouldn't simply be making a good doughnut "considering it's vegan," but an AMAZING doughnut, heck, perhaps even the best doughnut you could find, vegan or non-vegan alike.  Opening a shop would allow us to share this treat with people AND create a place for that much needed community.