I got a chance to taste the Punk Rawk Labs nut cheese the other day. It comes in a variety of flavors, and in a substantial 5 oz. metal can. The process is similar to that for making dairy cheese except that it uses nut milk rather than dairy milk. The milk is first fermented. Then, moisture is removed to arrive at a semi-solid texture. Finally, cheese is flavored with herbs or smoked salt. Learn how to make your own raw cashew cheese by watching this video. packagecheesespepper crustscarborough fair

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** UPDATE** The ASPCA has finally admitted to a lapse in judgment around Hurricane Irene: "In retrospect we feel we should have imposed the suspension earlier on Saturday to better ensure the safety of the horses." (source)

New York seems to lag in humane legislation regarding carriage horses. A perfect example of this lagging? Carriage drivers have once again broken the laws designed to protect horses , and according to the Blinders website:

...the law which states that carriage operators cannot work during “ice, heavy rain or other slippery conditions,” dozens of horse-drawn carriage operators were working until at least 4:45 p.m., many hours after the City was virtually shut down....While the NYC carriage horses have endured far worse than the intermittent pre-Irene downpours on Saturday, the carriage drivers nonetheless broke the law, and the ASPCA once again failed to protect the horses.Visit

For more info, visit the Coalition To Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages Sign the on-line petition to the Mayor and City Council