Middleweight Aaron “A-Train” Simpson won his fight at UFC 132 this past weekend against Brad Tavares.  A-Train was a long time vegetarian, but our sources who watched the fight said that one of the announcers claimed he has since become vegan. Like many MMA fighter trying to optimize their athletic performance, A-Train's decision to go vegan clearly paid off with a win. Check out Aaron's website:

In other interesting MMA news, Lightweight Matt “Handsome” Wiman (who lost a close decision after a back and forth battle) was sporting shorts that said “” and what looked like “”. And the twist? Several sources indicate he does eat meat, so perhaps he is just opposed to the factory farming. Had he taken the lead from guys like Simpson and gone veg, maybe he would have won? Personal website:

According to Roger on the Liberation BC Blog:

It’s not news that there are vegans and vegetarians at the top levels of mixed martial arts & other sports–and I don’t know much about Wiman’s diet–but this stands out to me as clashing with even more false stereotypes than usual. Aside from the stereotype of vegans and vegetarians as anemic, limp-wristed weaklings (which should be quite thoroughly shattered by now), it’s interesting to see Wiman and Simpson taking an ethical stand on animal agriculture. It’s one thing to fight the misconception that you need to eat meat to be strong, but it’s even better to fight the misconception that it’s somehow unmanly to care about how animals are treated, or that only the overly sentimental are concerned with cruelty.