ViroPOP, a rad, green, video network with an adorable Aussie host - has posted a video with the best in greewashing! Stick around till the end for GE's SEXY COAL greenwashing ad. Check it out below: [youtube=]

Best of Girly Girl Army!:

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  • Bill O'Reilly thinks that if he says "these people are unstable, loons" - everyone will just take his word for it. [youtube=]
  • Yet another reason to name your firstborn after Dennis Kucinich.
  • How to Recycle Your Old CFL Light Bulbs: CFLs use less electricity, last longer, and look cool in your shopping cart. But as their critics are quick to point out, they do contain a small amount of mercury. That means they need to be properly recycled, unlike old incandescent bulbs.
  • Animal advocates; Taking Action for Animals is a legendary conference where you can network with national leaders and hundreds of grassroots advocates in July in Washington, DC.


  • NYC: Garden Party & Vegan BBQ in Honor of Council Member Jimmy Vacca When: Saturday, June 21, 4pm to 6pm Where: Green Oasis Garden (East 8th Street between Avenues C and D in Manhattan) Suggested Donation: $75 (Your donation will be matched by the City 6-to-1!) RSVP: / 917-450-3176 Food: Veggie burgers, veggie dogs & corn on the cob! Jimmy was elected to the City Council in 2005 and has since become one of the most outspoken members when it comes to animal protection issues. Come celebrate him, and meet some compassionate cuties at this fun BBQ!


  • A HUNTER MOVES IN WITH AN ANIMAL LOVER – WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!! From compassionate cutie Melissa Karpel; “As one of PETA's campaign coordinators, I get to travel the nation, leading campaigns to help educate people on animal rights issues. I recently had the opportunity to take part in a reality TV show called 30 Days, the brainchild of filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (of Supersize Me fame). On each episode of 30 Days, a person or group of people must live for one month with someone who has drastically different beliefs and a different lifestyle. In my episode, George, a hunter, had to live with my family and me—who are all animal rights activists and vegans—for 30 days. George had a busy month! He took part in PETA protests—including one against KFC, for which he wore a chicken suit, and another against Burberry's use of fur—gathered signatures for a California bill that would eliminate the worst abuses in factory farming, and got to know animals on a very personal level. Please tune in on June 17 at 10 p.m. on the FX network to see for yourself how George handles animal rights activism while living as a vegan for 30 days. In Morgan Spurlock's words, it will be the "best hour of television that you're ever going to see in your life." Check out during the next week for updates on where George is now and behind-the-scenes bonus features. Please also forward this message to your friends and family!” Check out a clip from it here.