Matt & Nat has unleashed it's new website, along with a pretty rad spring/summer collection of vegan bags lined with 21 recycled bottled turned into faux-suede. If you're in the NYC area, you can grab the men's bags at Alter.

Phoenix Briefcase, Black $239.00, Kronos Bag, Black $175.00, Fujiya Bag, Black $170.00, at ALTER

Meat Is For Pussies book image

I am stoked about my tough-guy pal John Joseph's (Cro-Mags front man, Ironman Triathlete, all-around vegan badass) new book that does not beat around the bush (ha...) about meat and its affect on the earth, our health, and animals. Yes, the title is controversial. Feel free to rant about it in the comments section. Or just pre-order your copy.

John Joseph

Meat is For Pussies: The how-to guide for dudes who want to get fit, kick ass, and take names (Crush Publishing, 2010).

"In Meat is for Pussies, John Joseph makes sure you never look at meat the same way. After painting a sickening picture of how things really are, John outlines a plan for a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Do you want to continue living like a pussy, or are you ready to take back control of your life? It's your call."

Sparrow Media recently did an exclusive, in-depth interview with Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart (Vaute Couture). Sparrow Media's work is pretty amazing in general, so we recommend checking it, and all their stuff out! Big-ups to Discerning Brute Andy Stepanian for spearheading so many cool and important projects.

Skin Trade MovieThe new film "Skin Trade", by Shannon Keith (Behind the Mask) has been released and is shocking audiences  across the country. Gary Smith writes an excellent review of the documentary over at Elephant Journal. The film features Rory Freedman, John Feldmann, Todd Oldham, Alexandra Paul, James Cromwell, Jorja Fox, Peter Young, Joshua Katcher, Matt Rossell, Ingrid Newkirk and Dennis Kucinich.

“Skin Trade” covers the fur industry like no other film has ever done – from the history of the fur trade to consumer fraud to the environmental toll of tanneries to truth-in-labeling legislation... systematically debunks the most common myths around fur, such as warmth, fashion, and the Canadian Fur Council’s laughable “Fur is Green” campaign. of fur... will Israel be the first country to ban fur, all together? Michal Lewin-Epstein's article on Huffington Post:

"Ninety-five percent of Israel's textile products are imported from China and real furred items are occasionally mislabeled as fake fur, deceiving both the retailers and the consumers. A survey, commissioned by the International Anti-Fur Coalition and Let the Animals Live, conducted immediately after the February 2009 media investigation, showed that 86% of Israelis believe killing animals for fur is immoral. Moreover, nearly 80% back a bill calling for ban of fur trade in Israel. This media exposure and public support, together with the long-standing joint efforts of the International Anti-Fur Coalition and the Israeli organization Let the Animals Live, recently pressured Israeli Members of Knesset to endorse a law that would limit or eliminate the fur trade in Israel." Read the FULL ARTICLE.