• I am feeling incredibly inspired by vegan warrior, Damien Mander and the amazing work he does for animals and the environment through the IAPF (international Anti Poaching Foundation). He spoke at Ted X Syndney, and you simply must watch his powerful talk below:

"Thirty-three year old Damien Mander served as a special operations sniper and clearance diver for Australia. Whilst deployed in Iraq he project managed the Iraq Special Police Training Academy, overseeing training of up to 700 cadets at one time. Following three years on the frontline of the Iraq war he departed in 2008 with no new direction in life. A trip to Africa left him face-to-face with the horrors that the world's wildlife is dealing with. Liquidating all personal assets acquired from 12 tours of duty, he founded the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. The organization focuses on ranger training, operations and integrating modern technology into conservation.

Today, Mander is a soldier-turned-environmental activist. He is outspoken about conservation and the nature of our priorities in an uncertain world. Damien's work has featured in National Geographic Magazine, 60 Minutes, Animal Planet, Al Jazeera, Voice of America, Forbes, Sunday Times, & Good Weekend Magazine." - Ted X

• While out in the field, if you're doing work like Damien, it might be helpful to know how to start a fire without matches. That's while sustainable fashion line, Loomstate is hosting a free Gentleman's Firebow class for Father's Day as part of their NYC Urban Field Guide. See the upcoming class schedule and RSVP http://bit.ly/119h7vW