After the holiday binge, many of us are ready to hit the ground running, and we do! Things go great for the first few miles, but by Valentines Day, we'll have fallen off track and stopped going to the gym as often as we said we would. We start smoking and drinking again, we have more than a cup of coffee a day, and we even find rationalizations to eat unhealthy and 'convenient' foods. Worst of all, while we hurt our own bodies and brains - we often are unknowingly hurting other people, animals, and ecosystems in the process. What if I told you that there's a resolution you can make that will help you stay healthy and slim, that will curb global warming more than getting a hybrid, that will save lives, and help stop torture? Sound too good to be true? This year why not make a resolution that helps everyone and everything? Even if you're selfish - you'll look better, smell better, and taste better. Go vegan! It's the greenest, healthiest, most compassionate lifestyle choice we can make.

I have compiled a list of New Year motivational stuff to keep you on track, and moving forward!


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