I am out in Nebraska for a gig, relaxing in my Omaha hotel having just finished a surprisingly delicious meal at Night Flight Pizza. I found the place using the Veg Out App on my iPhone, and I was informed by the gentleman working behind the counter that the family who owns the pizzeria are all vegans. Go figure. They have Daiya cheese, veggie sausage, tempeh-bacon, and lots of veggies. I ordered the works, plus mushrooms and artichoke. Yum! Who says you can't eat great vegan food in the Midwest?

Also in Omaha, I just found out from a friend, that a new vegan place just opened yesterday called Daily Grub. I really hope I have time to go eat there and report back to you guys! Cyclists get 1/2 off any one item and it's only 5 blocks from my hotel. They have weird hours, so fingers crossed!