byTim Groen Since man -sadly- seems to be in his toddlerhood when it comes to existing without being a destructive force to anything non-human, I thought the one-month anniversary of the BP Oil Spill was a cute occasion to showcase the following children’s book.

In 1972, when I was a little hippie toddler myself, Macmillan published ABC of Ecology, with words by Harry Milgrom, Director of Science, New York City Public Schools, and photographs by the super talented, renowned writer/illustrator Donald Crews (bio), who also designed this book.

Crews, who was inspired by Bruno Munari and Paul Rand early on in his career, also created We Read: A to Z (check it out here), which is another exceptionally beautiful, minimal and not-cute-in-a-good-way children’s book.

Here’s a selection from the very au courant ABC of Ecology. (For an updated version I suggest G is for Genetic Patents, I could either be for Imported Species or for Insecticides, and S is for Space Debris)

Ecology Front Cover Ecology A Ecology FG Ecology JK Ecology NO Ecology PQ Ecology Back Cover