• Jackthreads, a member-only website, if offering a bunch of Nudie Jeans organic cotton shirts and a cardigan. Click here for your invite. They also offer organic twill denim, but continue to use that little leather belt-patch on the back, so I won't recommend those (hey Nudie! Just swap that out with a non-leather tag. Simple. What's wrong with leather?). Image 1Image 1 Image 1Image 1 Image 1Image 1

• Christopher Jolly is a New Jersey-based raw foods chef whose decadent and fresh innovations are worth checking out. LiveJollyFoods.com has all his info, and rumor has it, he has a line of raw desserts coming our for Whole Foods. Check him out.


• On the latest episode of Our Hen House, hosts Jasmin Singer and Marianne Sullivan conduct an interview we all need to hear. James E. McWilliams does not mince words when it comes to being an environmentalist who eats meat - and his stance, which is mainly ecological, is sure to infuriate those who claim to care about the planet, yet continue to eat mean when there are other options. From Our Hen House:

"James E. McWilliams, esteemed columnist for The Atlantic and the New York Times and author of several books, including Just Food: Where Locavores Get it Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly. James, a true environmentalist, will give us his take on veganism, and how sustainable food choices should be shaped by what our food is, not where it comes from.